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The following quotes are what people are saying about the Cryptique spirit board. Be sure to visit their sites and tell them we sent you.

“Cryptique is the spirit board that many of the Witches of Salem use. Its imagery captures the living spirit of our magickal town. Cryptique takes the spiritual world far from fearful graveyards and safely transports it into the heart of your home. Cryptique gives us a gift from the Victorian past, a time when families would gather to remember, reflect, and reminisce about their loved ones who have passed over. This spirit board has been lovingly and responsibly designed to honor not only the resting places of our New England ancestors, but also to create a positive mind set for anyone who uses it. Cryptique reconnects us with those from a bygone era. Cryptique spirit boards open the door in a safe way, to an intimate world of spirit and memory. Because of this commitment to excellence the whispers of our loved ones are not forgotten, and Cryptique is the “Official Spirit Board” of Salem, Massachusetts.”
- Shawn Poirier High Priest of The Salem Witches

“Could Cryptique be the next great threat to Parker Brothers’ Ouija? Remove the colorful board and “seer” from the tomb-like box and Let the Spirit Move You. Once you’re finished, close your session by stopping the seer on “rest in peace.” It’s the perfect end–whether you’re conjuring the dead or just digging up dirt on the boyfriend. Try before you buy using Spirited Ventures’ virtual board at the official Cryptique website, then study the web’s most comprehensive knowledge base on William Fuld and associates.”
- Museum of Talking Boards

“Cryptique, the board game is easily defined as a work of art and displays the most delectable death head design softened by flowering vines. As you place your fingers ever so gently on the seer, you will be moved beyond this world and uncontrollable energy and vapors will take over your mind and soul. It’s quite an experience.”
- Gravestone Artwear

“Ever wondered what ever happened to the Ouija board? It’s being usurped by newer talking boards such as this one, which has the distinction of having been manufactured in the land of witches, Salem, Massachusetts. Cryptique is a cool tool for those of you who only ever played around with a talking board because you thought it could open up communications with the dead. At least you hoped it would.

“The board is nicely manufactured with artwork inspired by early graveyards in and around Salem, and some illustrations directly derived from the gravestones. Aside from the heavy cemetery vibe, makers of this otherworldly gameboard have made sure there is plenty of room for movement: 11 1/2 X 17 1/2 inches worth of space, to be precise.

“Even as a novelty, every good haunt requires a ghost board and this one is for poltergeists all the way.”
- Rue Morgue Magazine

“Size Matters!

“Take it from a woman who knows. Ouija and talking boards, that is <wink>. Cryptique offers a large playing surface which makes a huge difference when operating a talking board. Other boards currently available are either too small (thank Hasbro for buying out Parker Brothers) or have creases where the board folds. Both of these aforementioned defects can seriously hinder your results when using a talking board. Cryptique eliminates these major problems very neatly.

“The planchette is quite fun. Instead of the standard Ouija heart shape or the dull plastic disc, we are presented with a suitably spooky headstone seer. The artwork is fanciful and gothic in tone, which is in complete accordance with the spirit of the board. Or spirits of the board, if you are lucky!

“The crypt (box) for Cryptique is eye-catching with it’s eerie yet sheer graphics. The board itself is simply designed and elegant. The dark blue background provides a needed change from the vibrant hues of most other currently available boards.

“Besides being a collector and lover of Ouija and all talking boards, I also own a business which is the largest retailer of these 'games' in the world. I thoroughly enjoy using Cryptique and added it to our online catalog immediately. This speaks for itself.”
- Cabin Fever Curiosities

“Talking Boards, like the Ouija that everyone knows, are becoming popular again.  Like the phase that Tarot cards are going through, with everyone creating a deck of their own design, talking boards are coming out with new designs and themes to make them different, unique and desirable.

“Spirited Ventures Inc., has an unusual board design that is intriguing as well as appealing.  If you go to their site you can download wallpaper and they are promising a screen saver in the future.  You will also learn that recently, DreamWorks SKG employed Robert L. Murch, cofounder of Spirited Ventures, Inc., as a talking board expert and vendor in the film “What Lies Beneath” starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford. Seems Mr. Murch is an avid collector.  Explore their site, it’s an interesting read on the history of talking boards and the company. There is even a virtual board to play with.

“The “seer” (the piece that moves over the board lettering) is a tomb stone, the board is printed to resemble a piece of wood with lettering, numbers and the usual yea and nay in place.  Rather like using the top of a wooden coffin.  

“The print job is well done, the board stiff enough to use on your lap or any other soft surface and not give or bend.  The gold covered lettering is clear and easy to read, and the “seer” clearly covers only one letter at a time, so the lettering is well spaced.  

“The “seer” sits on five legs, making it very stable as it runs over the board.  The one that came with the original “Ouija” board only sat on three, as I remember, and was sometimes unstable.  The board has no crease, does not fold, and therefore allows the "seer" to travel smoothly across the board.  

“The instructions printed on the back of the box suggest you start and end each session with the “seer” over the words “Rest in Peace” which is printed at the bottom of the board.  A rather polite way to begin and end a session I think.

“As a product, it is well constructed, the box can be used for storage and will not fall apart easily as some boxes do, and is made to keep the board and “seer” from being crushed in transport.

“All in all, this is a fine product, made to take some fun evenings of speaking with those things that go bump in the night, or maybe a relative, or just some guardian spirit with something to say. 

“Collectors of different types of boards will find this one a must to add to their collection.”
- The Wiccan Pagan Times

“In Victorian times, divination games were popular at Halloween. Thought to provide its user access to the future, talking boards were treasured.

“Now comes a beautifully designed new talking board Cryptique, which might single-handedly help resurrect our love of mystical parlor games ... their tag line, Let The Spirit Move You, says it all.”
- Happy Halloween Magazine

“Salem Tarot is overjoyed to welcome Cryptique, the latest entry in a long history of Spirit Boards. I had a part in creating this board, as did my good friends Bob Murch, Gary Halteman, and artist Deborah Norris so it is a project close to my heart. I am also proud to announce that Cryptique is now offered by /, which means you can purchase this new Spirit Board through our Web site. The board gorgeously represents old New England graveyards, ancient trees who watch over the forgotten dead. Cryptique is a stunning visual presentation and we hope it will take the place among your favorite divination tools! Click here to buy Cryptique from Amazon!”
- Salem Tarot Page

“As talking boards get smaller and attention spans get shorter, the Ouija board has all but disappeared. As Parker Brothers continually does their best to make their talking boards smaller, Spirited Ventures has done quite the opposite. This board harbors what I would sincerely call the best box design in talking board history, and the board itself is very eye catching as well. The splash of color they've given the board offers a refreshing change over faux wood backgrounds or cheap glow-in-the-dark effects. The gold lettering contrasts perfectly. This is the best thing to happen to talking boards in decades. If a good manufactured board is what you're looking for, the spirits of Cryptique will not steer you wrong.”
- Witchboard World

“On my honeymoon in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, I dragged my new husband along to the centuries-old graveyards, to read the headstones and admire the unique cemetery art. In our honeymoon photos you won't find us smiling on a beach or celebrating with champagne - no, you'll find oddly angled pictures of graveyard gates, mausoleums, and graves under old pine trees. I became comfortable with graveyards at an early age, after my mother died, and I have a simple fascination with how we treat death. Cryptique appealed to me immediately, with its high quality rendering of old New England gravestone art.

“Cryptique is a spirit (or talking) board that was inspired by the graveyards of old Salem and Marblehead, Mass. It is surprisingly beautiful. The elegant board is done in deep blue, with a wood pattern background designed after the trees at Old Burial Hill in Marblehead. The letters, numbers, and words on the board look like they were printed in embossed gold, and the board has a border of gold, winged skulls. Accompanying the board is the moveable piece called the "seer," shaped like a tombstone with a grayish marble background, and decorated with a winged skull and the words, "Let the Spirit Move You." Participants' hands are lightly placed upon the seer, a question is asked, and voila … answers are mysteriously revealed, as the seer glides smoothly across the board, pausing over letters to spell out full messages. The seer has five little legs, which keep it upright during movement. This one won't be tipping over! Unlike the Ouija board, which is the most well known spirit board, Cryptique answers with a "Yea" or a "Nay," instead of a "Yes" or a "No," and it features Roman numerals. When a consultation is finished, it does not say "Goodbye" - it says, "Rest In Peace."

“How does Cryptique work? I'm inclined to say it has something to do with an inner knowing, a psychological response, rather than communication with the dead, as some might believe. My feeling is that if it were the dead who were guiding the movement of the seer, they'd be pushing all sorts of things around (opening doors for us, finding us money, turning off the lights when we forgot to), as we went about our lives - just kidding! The creators of Cryptique say it doesn't really matter. As Cryptique may help us to look within and find the answers that are already there, it could be considered a tool of divination. Many people use the Ouija board in such a way.

“This is a fun, unique, and quite handsome spirit board. The care that went into creating this board is obvious in the fine artwork and overall design. It measures a substantial 11.5" by 17.5", and has no folds to interfere with the seer's movement. Letters and numerals are well positioned on the board, for ease of viewing through the seer. Cryptique comes packaged in a very nice, sturdy box, which is decorated with the same background design as on the tombstone seer. There is also plenty of room in the box for storing a pad and pencil, to record messages retrieved by Cryptique. Instructions and a brief history are included. Much interesting information can be found online at the Cryptique website, including a history of spirit boards (which might surprise you!), the story behind Cryptique, and articles about Cryptique's creators.
Go ahead and try this one - who could resist those winged skulls?.”
- Nellie Levine - Tarot Insights Also printed in New Age Books