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Cryptique fulfills the legacy of over one hundred years of spirit boards. Inspired by the headstones of the old burial grounds of Salem and Marblehead, Massachusetts, Cryptique pays homage to those graveyards, reflecting the unique style of funerary art found only in New England. Cryptique draws its inspiration from these silent monuments to the dead, chiseled into the stone of the crypt, carved into the wood of the wizened trees that watch over the decrepit graves, and adorned by the winged skull, a powerful symbol of our impending mortality. Through this doorway is revealed a glimpse of our darkest superstitions and deepest fears. The tomb of Cryptique beckons the curious to sit spellbound and discover the mysterious realms of the unknown.

Cryptique was created in the setting of one of America's most infamous events, the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, and thus inherits the mark of that perilous time. The Prussian blue wood background of the board was crafted after trees found at Old Burial Hill in Marblehead. The golden lettering conjures visions of candlelit parlours. Gliding across the board is the gravestone seer, bearing the winged skull found at Old Burial Point in Salem. The epitaph reads “Let the Spirit Move You,” calling us to explore the realms beyond death.

By removing Cryptique from its tomb and gently placing your hands upon the seer, you allow your imagination to take hold while your skeptical nature loosens its grip. How or why it works becomes unimportant. Stripped of doubt, you are left simply to witness the messages that emerge.